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Homework Help: Spring forces2

  1. Nov 21, 2006 #1
    The other threads havent gone through. Please delete them. I just want to quickly check something. A spring scale lies horizontally on a frictionless surface. A horizontal force of 10 N to the right is applied to the top of the scale and another horizontal force of 10 N to the left is applied to the bottom.

    1. The net force is ___ obviously 0 N (equilibrium)

    2. The reading on the spring scale will read ___ Im inclined to think that it would only be 10 N. The situation would be the same if the spring was attached to a wall. Am I right? Afterall, they wouldnt ask the same question twice
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  3. Nov 21, 2006 #2
    I think your resemblence with the wall seems correct, thus it should be 10N
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