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Homework Help: Spring Formula

  1. Dec 11, 2005 #1
    im tyring a ISP for physics which detrmines were the sprign will land when shot off a frame, with the target being 3 m away
    we got this formula

    d (x) = [1/9.8 * k/m ] * x square

    where x is the extension needed to make it reach d (x) which is 3 m

    my quesiotn is anyways, does a higher K value mean a spring wieghs more, or opposite
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    one golden question
    does a higher K value mean more mass? or not
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    The compression factor of a coil spring will depend upon the wire diameter and the number of turns,or coils, in the spring. So, for a higher k-value, the volume will be larger, hence the mass will be greater.

    The compression factor also depends upon other factors, but I can't remember what now.
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    It also depends on the material that the spring is made of. So a higher K doesn't neccesarily mean more mass.
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