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Spring help-please

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    At t=0, a 650-g(0.65kg) mass at rest on the end of a horizontal spring(k=184n/m) is struck by a hammer which gives it an initial speed of 2.26 m/s. Determine (a) the period and frequency of the motion (b)the amplitude (c)the maximum acceleration (d) the position as a function of time (e) the total energy, and (f)the kinetic energy when x=0.4A where A is the amplitude.

    a) period=2pi*sqrt0.65/184=.37

    C) A-max=184*0.13/0.65=36.8 m/s^2


    e)no idea

    f)no idea
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    Revisit the formula for Total energy and K.E.

    Total Energy remains Constant
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    so the total energy would be

    1/2 KA^2
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    yes and what about the K.E.
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    Two other points:

    I get that the frequency is 2.70 not 2.07. A typo?

    The position, measured from the rest point, is .13 sin(16.8t).

    There was no "phi" in the problem. What was that?
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    So the kinetic energy would be

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