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Spring hinges?

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    Spring hinges..???

    I need a spring type hing to do a particular job. From a closed position when in use it can be pulled open to 90 degrees and locks in position. Then can be released to spring back to closed position? Also could one open to 180 degrees?....is this possible?

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    It's all possible. What's your application? What loads do they need to take? Are you designing them or specifying them? Are you buying large quantities? What other constraints are on your selection?
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    Another consideration is how you want the locking mechanism to work, especially what sort of release sequence you want. (Just apply extra force, or have to manually pull some sort of trip system?)
    I've seen hinges that almost defy imagination; you can get them to do just about anything. Some will open to over 360 degrees, although they are pretty much limited in applications.
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