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Spring in parallel and series

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    I am a Freshman from International University Bremen. I would like to request you to help me out with a small question.
    I have a system of springs. Two springs with spring constants k1 and k2. I attach them to the opposite ends of a mass m1 and then attach the other ends of the springs to a fixed point. I have now a horizontal setup of a spring, a mass, then another spring attached to each other.
    Could anyone tell me with small mathematical explanation what happens to the spring constant of the system?
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    This is equivalent to a system of springs in parallel. So, keq=k1+k2. You can verify this by writing the equations of motion for the system as you described above and then for the system with only keq and the mass. You should get m*x(doubledot)+keq*x=0. Where keq=k1+k2.
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    Thank you very much schutte, I am really grateful to you for saving three marks for me in my mid term.
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