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Homework Help: Spring oscillations question

  1. Sep 5, 2004 #1
    can some1 help me w/this question...like i dunno where to start...thanks in advance

    A spring is haning down from the ceiling, and an object of mass m is attached to the free end. The object is pulled down, thereby stretching the spring, and then released. The object oscillates up and down, and the time T required for one complete up and down oscillation is given by the equation T= 2pi square root of m/k, where k is known as the spring constant. What must be the dimension of k for this equation to be dimensionally correct?
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    Every equation needs to be dimensionally correct, in that the dimensions of the left-hand side must equal the dimensions on the right-hand side.
    To your problem:
    What's the dimension on your left-hand side?
    Obviously, the period T has dimensions "time"!
    So, what you need to find out is:
    What must the dimension of "k" be in order to gain the dimension of "time" on your right hand side?
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