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Springs in Series

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    I have this homework question which I don't understand how to do it.

    Since I am not homew right now, I can't post up the picture. I will explain what the picture looks like.


    ___ = Wall
    $ = Spring
    | = Connection
    (*) = mass
    $ 2.8N/cm
    $ 6N/cm
    (*) 41

    So basically we have 2 springs with diffrent elasticities hanging from the wall. And below the springs is a mass with 41N.

    1. What distance will the spring of constant 2.8 N/cm stretch? Answer in units of cm.

    2. In the same series spring system, what distance will the spring of constant 6 N/cm stretch? Answer in units of cm.
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    Assuming the springs are massless, how much weight must each spring support?
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    Oh wait, I got the answer. I was doing the calcuations wrong. Instead of deviding 41N by the 2.8 N/cm, I was deviding .41 by 2.8. I was trying to convert 41N to cm or something like that. lol
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