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Springs, Pendulums and Centrifical Force

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    Physics is my first class so I'm almost never awake. Could someone please tell me what the variables stand for.

    Spring: T= 2 * pi * square root (m/k)
    What is T, m, k?

    Hooke's Law: F = -Kx
    What is K, x?

    Pendulums: T = 2 *pi* square root (l/g)
    What is T, l, g?

    Centrifical Force:
    Fc = mac
    Fc = (mu^2)/r
    Fc = m4*pi^2* rf^2
    What is Fc, a, c, m, u, f?
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    wow, you really don't pay attention :D

    T = period
    m = mass
    k = spring constant
    K = spring constant
    x = distance (I always write d instead of x)
    T = period
    l = length of rope
    g = gravity
    Fc = centripetal force
    a = acceleration
    c = nothing, teach probably wrote it as a subscript
    m = mass
    u = he actually wrote a v, not a u. it's supposed to be [tex]v^2[/tex]. it means velocity

    I don't know what f is though. I would think it means frequency but I can't be certain of that.
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    Thank you!!!

    Yea, I really have trouble paying attention first period, I'm not a morning person.

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