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Spun Magnet

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    This is a fairly simple question. I have some ideas of the implications but I have no idea what the total effect would be. My idea is to take an extremely powerful magnet. The strongest magnetic force that we can aqcuire. Then you take it into the vacuum of space and spin it so that north and south are constantly changing. And you spin it as fast as we can possibly get it to spin. I know that this would create electricity but I'm implying a much much stronger magnet and a much much faster spin. Then measure the diffrent fields it puts off and apply diffrent materials to the field to see just how it affects things.
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    What do you think it will do?
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    Well this isn't an easy question to answer as I don't understand magetism or the effect of a spinning object all that well. However it is my understanding that extreme magnetism can levitate an everyday object such as I have seen a frog. If my understanding is incorrect then it may flaw some of my ideas but my thoughts are that magnetism and gravity affect spacetime if we took those forces to the strongest we can it could affect spacetime in such a way that we may study it more indepth. By bringing together our basic understanding of that which rules this universe i.e. the basic fundamental forces of gravity and magnetism. We don't necessarily understand how it works but we do understand that it works. If we can use it on a grander scale we may discover things we haven't noticed before. In addition to the magnetism and the force of the spin I would also add that the magnet itself should be a very large mass and as dense as we can get it. Throughout this reply the use of the word "we" is implied as "we as humans".
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