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Spy at the White House

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I wonder if he was being intentionally ironic.
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    Wow. That's amazing.

    He was most recently with Cheney, if my skim of the article was accurate (questionable.)

    I wonder if this will ultimately provide a fall guy for the Plame issue? I know, wild speculation.
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    It said that he claims to have started out with Clinton and Condi Rice back when she was National Security Advisor, and worked his way up to the Vice President's office when Gore was in, then remained on with Cheney. Just imagine all the different checks he must have had to pass.

    I doubt he'll be a fall guy for Plame, though. He was providing damaging information on the Filipino president to opposition leaders. He didn't seem to be taking any interest in US or middle eastern issues.

    On a side note, I have to wonder why the president's office has top secret damaging information on the Filipino president. Do they keep naked pictures of world leaders around in case someone needs to be blackmailed or something? This almost seems farcical.
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    If we wanted a change in leadership in the Phillipines at the time, he was possibly sending info on the Phillipine president with Cheney's knowledge.

    Information gathered on foreign leaders includes anything and everything that you could possibly imagine. If you have ever attended an anti war rally, either for or against the war, there is a folder on you.
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    That sounds pretty far-fetched thus far. I can't see the utility in the White House outing its own double agent and this guy doesn't seem to be accusing anybody in the administration of helping him.

    What that has to do with Plame I can't tell, though.

    That doesn't make it any less comical.
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    How true :smile:
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    I am thinking more along the line of the administration "fixing intelligence" to implicate this guy after the fact, thus allowing Rove and Libby to look innocent.
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    How, though? It would be so implausible - what possible interest would this man have in outing an operative in Nigeria? If you're going to pick a fall guy, I would think you could find one that at least makes sense.
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    You're right. I have no idea how. Also, there are probably plenty of more plausible "fall guys" they could pick from - if they wanted to go that route.

    The spy's connection to Cheney on the heels of Miller's revelation of the Libby connection in the Plame thing, made me temporarily go "huh."
  12. Oct 5, 2005 #11
    He should be executed as should the other three slugs. Plea bargain...puh-LEEZE! At the very least he has divulged information that can pinpoint how we gather information and depending on the circumstances, who did it. If the latter is the case you can kiss at least one more operative goodby. :mad:
  13. Oct 5, 2005 #12
    Then again a large percentage of the American people will believe anything that is presented to them in the proper manner. The average public even seems to have a tendency to fill in the blanks for themselves. The number of people who thought Iraq had a connection to 9/11 is a good example.

    For John Q public a spy in the Whitehouse = someone to point a finger at for everything wrong that has happened, ie intellegence failures, or outing of a Cia agent. A spy originally from a foreign country who was attached to the WhiteHouse previous to the Bush administration, and who also had acess to computers cointaining intellegence data, would be the perfect fall guy.

    Am I rantng again or what? :smile:
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