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    I was thinking, since spy and adware seems to be running out of control nowadays, what methods have you come up with to aviod the intrusion/infection of such software.

    What programs have you found that actually work?

    I've tried several myself, Adaware and Spybot being about the best, but neither of them completely removing all of the spy/adware.

    The only program I've found thus far that completly eliminates all spyware, has been AVG virus scanner.


    I was thinking that this would make for a good topic for a few reasons. One, so that we can all pool our ideas on eliminating spyware, and two, attract more ppl to the site because it seems spyware is a hot topic.
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  3. Process guard is free. Use it to stop programs installing trojans and stuff.

    TDS anti trojan. Free 30 day trial.

    Avast anti virus is free. A larger number of detections than AVG, Grisoft antivirus. It uses a lot of PC CPU power though.

    Spybot search & destroy is free. It prevents spyware. It has one detection that shows on every scan. That's just a program flaw.

    Ad aware is free. It prevents spyware.

    Mozilla.org firefox browser. Doesn't use active X, so is safer than Internet explorer, has a pop-up blocker. You have to add the java and macromedia, that's simple to do, just click the install button when you see it on a web page and your done.

    Mozilla.org email program. If in options you choose block loading of remote images, I hear it's safer the Outlook express. To use it in windows 98 download winrar first so you can open the email program. Choose Localized WinRAR versions, and your language, download it.
    Then download Thunderbird email program from mozilla.org. http://www.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird/

    Buy a router if you surf online with high speed internet. It's a hardware firewall. Stops bad hackers.

    Cwshredder. Deals with browser malware. Like when your start page goes bad. It's free.
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  4. Recommend:

    and if you're really 1337:
  5. Spy Sweeper is also nice dealing with sptware...anyway...it requires registering :|
  6. I've heard that Ad-Aware can harm your computer
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    i downloading ad-aware, and my computer kept crashing while running the scan, so i uninstalled.
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    I think overall you can do quite a bit of harm to your computer if you just blindly eradicate everything the different removal software discover ... had to learn this the hard way ... nowadays google before removing much of anything.
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