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Homework Help: Square Rooted varible by itself (/x)

  1. Oct 28, 2005 #1
    Such a simple problem that im stuck on...

    1050=2700 /d

    how do i get "d" by itself? ( the "/" is square root not divide)

    edit: is "D" diameter or distance... one is "d" and other is "D"
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    [tex]d=1050^2/2700^2 =49/324[/tex]


    [tex]d = .15054[/tex]
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    Square both sides
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    thanks guys, i was thinking that, but in the question it was dealing with string vibrations were 1050hz and 2700hz and 1mm..

    original question:

    (1050)(/sqrt 1)=(2700)(/sqrt D)

    got to that last part and forgot what to do so i did it like this:

    if 1mm equals 1050hz - then 1/1050 would equal how many mm's per hz
    it was 0.000952mm/1hz

    so then 0.000952mm/1hz * 2700hz would equal my answer of 2.57mm but i guess its not right....

    thanks again
  6. Oct 28, 2005 #5
    Are those slashes part of the root sign ? [itex]1050\sqrt{1}= 2700\sqrt{D}[/itex] ? If so, just divide both sides by 2700.
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