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I Squared Velocity

  1. Apr 1, 2016 #1
    I'm trying to derive an expression for the average drag on an object, which is in the form $$F_d = kv^2.$$ To find the average, I decided to use $$\frac{1}{t_f} \cdot \int_{0}^{t_f} k v^2 \hspace{1mm} dt$$where t_f is the final time. I'm having trouble evaluating this. Can someone give me some insight?
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    Simon Bridge

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    To find the time average, you need the integrand to be a function of time.
    So you need an expression for v(t) .
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    Additional hint, there's a cool equation called
    $$F = m {dv \over dt} ... = -kv^2$$

    Can you solve for v(t) given than equation?
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