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Squeeze Theorem

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    This may be a very basic question for this forum. I have just started to Learn Calculus. Please. help me with my question -
    Suppose I need to find the Limit of 1/x where x tends to 0 from positive side.
    I know from the graph of 1/x that answer is +Infinity.
    But if I apply Squeeze theorem to it and the greater function is 1 and smaller function is 1/(1+x).
    1/(x+1) < 1/x < 1 : where x is always positive and tends to 0.
    The limits of these rightmost and leftmost functions at 0+ is 1. So as per squeeze th. the middle function is 1.

    Why it is different from the actual answer? Am I doing something wrong?
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    Yes. You have erroneously stated that 1/x < 1 for small positive x
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    oh...such a bad mistake...
    thanks David for replying and pointing it out...
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    no problem. don't let it discourage you!
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