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Squeezed field modes

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    Trying to do some reading on squeezed electric field modes in accelerated frames, and it's a bit much. Anyone have any suggestions as to some literature to familiarize myself with before i go any further? Thanks

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    Hey Phil, I've been trying to read about this too and have had the following books recommended:

    Birrell & Davies, Quantum fields in curved space
    Fulling, Aspects of quantum field theory in curved space-time
    Bjorken & Drell, Relativistic quantum mechanics
    Bjorken & Drell, Relativistic quantum fields
    Scully & Zubairy, Quantum optics
    Meystre & Sargent III, Elements of quantum optics

    This is obviously a whole lot of reading for a summer undergrad project... Anybody have any suggestions on narrowing the field, either to one of these texts or another suggestion, to help make papers such as Alsing & Milburn's Teleportation with a uniformly accelerated partner more accessible? I've taken undergrad courses in GR, QM and E&M but have no QFT experience.

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    Thanks mike. Im going to head over to the library today and pick up a couple of those books. Your reference will hopefully be appreciated.

    Thx again

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