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Sr. Project (K5-5th Grade) Science Website

  1. Jan 17, 2007 #1
    I would appreciate any help I could get with this. Keep in mind that this is a simple layout, some things may be finished in the list but most are not.

    Essentially I am asking of fun activities you have done pertaining to science around this grade level I'm targeting.*

    Below (in [ code ] tag) is what I have so far and if you have any ideas it would be so helpful.

    The Grades obviously represent what grade level the activity is from.

    Code (Text):


          http://classroom.jc-schools.net/sci-units/cells.htm (Science Online Cells)
          [Cell Structure and Function]

             Students Needed:

             Guide: 1)

       Self (No sources)
          [Examining Ants]
             Need: Magnifying glass

             Students Needed: One

             Guide: 1) Grab a magnifying glass
                 2) Walk outside (with a teacher) so we can begin exploring
                 3) Use magnifying and hover above an ant hill and explore their actions. IE: Carrying supplies, guarding, eating, etc...
                 4) Describe what you seen

       Ant Farm (No sources)
          [Creating an ant farm]
             Need: Ant Farm, and ants

             Students Needed: One and a parent/teacher

             Guide: 1)

    //First Grade

       Explorabook (Magnetism)
          [Creating Magnetism]
             Need: Paper Clips (Four should be enough), Magnet
             Students Needed: One

             Guide: 1) Stick a paper clip to a magnet
                 2) Hold a paper clip up to the magnet
                 3) Add more paperclips
                 4) Drop on ground to create vibration and lose magnetic force
       None (No Source)
             Need: (2) Two Liter bottles, water, and duct tape.

             Students Needed: One, Adult supervision suggested

             Guide: 1) Take a two liter bottle, fill it up with water about 3/4's of the way
                 2) Line up both two liter bottles, tip to tip.
                 3) Begin duct tapping the bottle together      
       Explorations in Science
          [Table Magnetism]
             Need: Magnet, Paperclips (Four should be enough)
             Students Needed: One

             Guide: 1) Use a Magnet
                 2) Have some paperclips on the table
                 3) Use the magnet underneath the table to pull the paperclips across
                 4) Write a small response of what you observed

       Explorations in Science
          [Homemade Sandpaper]
             Need: Cardboard, Glue, and sand

             Students Needed: One

             Guide: 1) Piece of Cardboard
                 2) Glue one side of cardboard
                 3) Sprinkle sand over glue
                 4) Let glue dry
                 5) Shake off extra sand
       Explorations in Science
          [Sound Travels]
             Need: Pencil w/ Eraser
             Students Needed: One, its better with more

             Guide: 1) Find and a use a pencil with eraser attached
                 2) Find objects around classroom to investigate how well sound travels through solids
                 3) Record your findings

       Explorations in Science
          [Sound Effects]
             Need: Pitcher of Water, Strainer, Baking Pan
             Students Needed: Two or Three, its a fun group activity but can be done by oneself.

             Guide: 1) Fill a pitcher halfway with water
                 2) Lay down baking pan on ground
                 3) Hold strainer about a foot above baking pan
                 4) Slowly pour water into strainer that is above baking pan
                 5) Clean up any mess that is caused

       Explorations in Science
          [Explore animals and their surroundings]
             Need: Magnifying glass

             Students Needed: Two students is ideal and a parent/teacher if you plan on exploring outside.

             Guide: 1) Go outside (with adult)
                 2) Look for animal homes and animals
                 3) Remember not to touch/frighten any of the animals
                 4) Observe and record your data

       Explorations in Science
          [Homemade Musical Instruments]
             Need: See individual instruments

             Students Needed: One, great group activity

                Need: Bottle Caps (The ones that require a opener to open), Rubber bands
                Guide: 1)

                Need: Empty boxes (Kleenex boxes work best, the ones that are long), rubber bands

                Guide: 1)

                Need: Straws and Plasticine

                Guide: 1)

                Need: Bottle Caps and String or Twist Ties

                Guide: 1)

                Need: Combs and wax paper or toilet paper rolls, wax paper, and elastics

                Guide: 1)

                Need: Tin cans or plastic cans with plastic lids (such as coffee or nut cans), or cans covered at the top with wax paper secured by a rubber bands

                Guide: 1)

       ⁃         Rain-Stick
                Need: Paper Towel Roll, Tooth Picks

                Guide: 1)
                Need: Plastic bottles with lids and pebbles, rice, beans, or pasta

                Guide: 1)
    //Second Grade
       Chemistry (No source listed)
          [Home made lava lamp]
             Need: Alka-Seltzer, empty bottle (20 oz, 2 liter; it doesn't matter), masking tape, food dye, and olive oil

             Students needed: One, great group activity

             Guide: 1) First take the bottle and empty it
                 2) Take the labels that are on the bottle such as the "nutrition facts" area and peel that off.

    //Third Grade

       MPS (Animals that are grouped)
          [Animals that are grouped]
             Need: Paper, pencil

             Students needed: One

             Guide: 1)

    //Fourth Grade


    //Fifth Grade

    Any ideas, activities, suggestions would be useful. I don't have anything built for this site yet but I am looking into ideas.

    *Note: You will be listed as a resource in my bibliography.

    If you have any questions you can send me a board PM, E-mail, Randy53215 on AIM, or you can ask in this thread.

    Thanks again for your help. ^_^
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