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Srednicki equation 5.10

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    In equation 5.10, second line srednicki uses the same definition as eq 5.6, while 5.6 is time independent [tex]a_1^{\dagger}(k)[/tex] and in 5.10 we have to use the new time dependent [tex]a_1^{\dagger}(t)[/tex] . Why dont we have a new [tex]a_1^{\dagger}(t)[/tex], which say explicitly depends on t ?

    I will be glad if someone can explain :)
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    just before eq 5-8:

    One complication is that a†(k) will no longer be time independent, and so a†1, eq. (5.6),
    becomes time dependent as well.
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    thankyou for pointing out, I should read between the lines..
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    It will be very kind if you can also explain how to understand paragraph starting with "We would like ........ is not zero" on page 39, after equation 5.17
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    try to work it out, i have no idea where you are stuck
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    I am working on it, thanks for you help :)
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