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Sry, need help wit pci audio, intel 82810 controller

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    heya, recently i had to have a buddy of mine kill my comp and install windows 98se, now i got mostly everything working except the audio device, i think maybe even my video isa bit screwy...anyway igotta p3, 733mhz, 158mb ram, intel graphics controller which Used to work withan intel 82810 chipset but now is acting funky...it really should be an 82810 but i have no fn idea lol, so if like anybody has any clue where i can get help please reply, tankya.
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    hey UnknownPiratte,

    From what i know i think that you have to see if the audio cable is connected in properly...Your buddy must have forgot to plug in the audio cable!!! Thats the most i can think of at the mo....This cable goes from the cd drive to the sound card....BTW does your sound not work for mp3's as well??
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    well its an onboard but we really did mess around with tha cables, is isit sposed to be tha white or black cable pluuged into the cd drive?
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    yeah no, no mp3s no nothing, i hear a lil click each time i hit enter on aim, mind u No its not tha volume lol. wmp gives me an error message for anything thats strictly sound. man this graphics controller wont even work right, on Me it gave an added function to settings and now on 98se it wont work, says intel graphics cont 82810 drive isnt installed. ive hit the intel site for upgrade possible and nothing helps. ive also check their sound card drives and theyre all out of date or dead or require some weird program to install them Which wont Even work, man. I h8 comps sometimes.........i really do lol
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    Usually it is the white cable that is plugged into the cd drive....Better check with that one.......its quite thin too....here is a pic of it....


    Can you give me the exact message that wmp gives you??.....take a screen shot if ya can...I have a feeling that the other components also need to be updated since you changed the 82810......When you guys mucked around ya should have kept it simple as possible without pulling too many wires out at one time....Anyway lets c how it goes...

    Hope that helps
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    yea man it says "windows media player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly." all audio only files are displayed as red. the guy who helped me is a technician who works for a computer company. he detached many cords n reattached them properly but i also believe that the computer was already...sumwhat disfigured ina sense. I havent yet checked the cords on the cd drive but will tonight. i cannot express my thanks for this problem has disrupted the rest of my computers functions concerning audio and video. also the only reason we disconnected so many dang things was due to a virus that like pretty much erased my cd drive concerning drivers, and actual presense. i was unable to go thru email (so no bills could be paid or set up) and it would cause yahoo.com search to act funky. we installed 98se and he got it run as basic as he could before he had to leave. I myself installed the 82810 drives for the display, the sound driver is absolutely obsolete found out by my sumwhat limited searches around the internet. originally it was supposed to be an AC'97, now its an intel 81x family chipset.. and 82810, as well as 82801...CA828EE....a whole bunch of different chipsets according to the intel hardware/chipset finder. this computer was a piece With millenium...its now a Functioning piece with 98se... ty again...sry to rant lol
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    Were these the drivers you installed?
    http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df-external/detail_desc.aspx?strstate=live&productid=798&dwnldid=4666&agr=n&lang=eng&prdmap=798 [Broken]
    And please try to use proper English.
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  9. Jul 5, 2006 #8
    yes it was

    yes, it was that application. Sorry, I figured it was all the same considering we're on the net, lol (my english). But yes, it is the win9x application for the video drivers. Unfortunately this won't work on my system. Is it possible that due to my 98se system it wont, for some reason, register maybe a newer chipset? Ugh - sincerely - UnknownPiratte

    ps. thank you all for attempting to help, the thought itself is enough help.
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