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SSH to school server

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    Hi all,

    So there is a server at university called cyclone. I can access it simply from terminal by:
    ssh myusername@cyclone.plymouth.edu

    Now I live off campus is there any way to ssh into the server from my couch at my apartment, i live less than a mile away from campus? I heard things like VPN??

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    Does it require a VPN? Have you tried accessing off campus?
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    I have tried off campus, does not work. So I think it dos require a VPN, I know little how VPNs work too..
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    What OS do you use? What was the error when trying to login off campus?
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    Probably this server is behind a firewall and you cannot access it from outside your university network. Usually university networks have only a few machines that are visible from the public internet, with the rest hidden behind a firewall. You need to talk to your IT folks and they should be able to help you out.
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    I agree with phyzguy -- you could look at this -- http://www.plymouth.edu/office/information-technology/ --, and if that doesn't answer your query, get in contact with them.
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    When you'd try to access the server what error do you have? Timeout or other?
    Looks like your server is closed from the outside network and you can't just login with SSH to it.

    So you need to ask your university IT staff about that.
    Maybe that their IT security policy forbid that or you need to setup a VPN connection first.
    Can't say more for sure.
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