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Ssss Smokin Smoke Rings

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    The Other Day I Was Sitin In A Bar Looking At My Freinds Smoking , They Tried And Tried To Blow A Smoke Ring But Could'nt ,it Ws Agreed That Its Not Possible To Create Smoke Rings At Will ,its A Flash In The Pan , But I Differed ,surely Their Must Be Some Condition For Creating A Smoke Ring ,i Thought This Is The Place To Find That Out .
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    I can make smoke rings. Cup your mouth and stick your tongue out a bit so it sits at the entrance (in the center) then contract your cheeks a bit. Don't breathe out or you'll blow too much smoke.
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    Take a open tin can and make a hole in the bottom end about an inch in diameter. Over the open end fit a flexible membrane. Fill the can with smoke.
    Tapping the flixible membrane causes smoke rings to come out of the hole.

    I've seen a much bigger version create large smoke rings and on it's own (no smoke) blow out a candle several feet away.

    p.s. don't forget smoking can seriously damage your health
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    Exactly so, and it helps if you don't inhale the smoke in the first place. If you just draw it into your mouth, there's a lot more available to make the ring.
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    True, its easiest with cigarettes, but I've seen it done with hookah (sheesha) or marijuana. I can only do cigarettes.
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    Cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are the easiest because the smoke density is a lot higher. The whole point of a hookah is that it filters the smoke, which really takes most of the particulate matter out. And I can't personally think of anyone who would waste a significant portion of a spliff by not inhaling it.
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    Hookah goes straight into the lungs so its diluted alot by the time its coming back out.
    I've seen a really cool trick in a room with not much airflow, blowing out cigarette smoke onto a flat surface, it just kinda sits there for a while in its own little cloud. Really neat looking.
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