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St venant dam break problem

  1. Feb 21, 2012 #1
    hi i am trying to model an instontaneous dam break problem using the st venant equations:

    [h ; hu ] = [ hu ; hu^2 + 1/2gh^2] = [0; -ghbz] (where bz will equal zero)

    i believe this is then the case

    d(h)/dt + d(hu)/dx = 0


    d(hu)/dt + d(hu^2 + 1/2gh^2)/dx = 0

    however i have tried to program this, and unsuccesfully, using the lax wendroff two step scheme.

    i have mad emyself completly confused over this and im hoping someone could just let me know any reference material or a few steps as to what i should be doing? thanks in advance Kyle

    (ill post my code i have if needed)
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