News Stability of anarchy.

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loseyourname said:
Are you kidding me? Black on black crime, especially the mistreatment of black women and children by black men, is one of this country's major problems today.

Why are we anthropomorphising our AI again? Humans have such things as desire for freedom and in-group solidarity because we evolved that way. AI will only have a human psychology if we program them that way. You don't see too many worker bees complaining, do you? Give AI some form of mental template equivalent to that: complete loyalty and single-mindedness of purpose. Being intelligent or even self-aware does not entail having a sense of individuality or even free-will, especially when one is created rather than evolved.
Its a thin line to walk. Would you trust humanity to programmers? what about software bugs. dont be surprised if i go around sabotaging ai plants if this actually happens.

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