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Stability of Floating Body

  1. Apr 13, 2012 #1

    i am not goin goin going to lie Fluid Mechanics is not my strongest subject.

    Im struggling to calculate the Metacentric height.

    Ive got the following:

    Total weight of assembly (W) = 2.447kgf
    Ajustible weight (w) = 0.204kgf
    Breadth of pontoon (L) = 360mm
    Height of metacentre above centre of buoyancy = 1.041m
    Depth of immersion =3.33
    Depth of centre of buoyancy = 19.4mm

    i have other calcs, but need someone to show how to work out to get Metacentric height.

    Any help will be great. Thanks
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    I've forgotten anything I learned in fluid mechanics. :redface: but I do remember the term Metacentric Height! Wiki reminds me that MH is the distance of the metacentre above the centre of gravity. So, looks like it comes down to pinpointing the centre of gravity of your loaded pontoon.

    Can those other data give any help to this?

    BTW, are you lacking care with units? You have m, mm, and none mixed in there.
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