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Stability of the Solar System

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    I'm trying to find a location in the Internet where I can download (for free) the following paper:
    M.V.Berry , "Stability of the Solar System" (possibly 1979)
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    Are you sure that's the correct title? Do you have a specific reference? If you have the journal reference, then it will be a lot easier to track down (although whether it'll be free or not is a different matter!)

    Here is the publication list of the first google hit for M.V.Berry (with pdf links to all the papers) however, I'm not sure that it's the correct person.
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    I'll check but I think that was a book.
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    Would this be what you are refering to?

    “Chaotic Behaviour in the Solar System,” in M.V. Berry, I.C. Percival, and N.O. Weiss (eds.), Dynamical Chaos (1987)
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    Thanks for the posts,finally the right title is "regular & irregular motion".
    Cristo:Thanks for link
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    No worries: glad you found what you were looking for!
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