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Stable Black hole

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    If a black hole really does have hawking radiation can in theory the black hole be stable. What I mean by this is that the hawking radiation output is in equilibrium with mass that we could feed a black hole. It seems to be self explanatory and if the large hadron collider could create a mini black hole could this soon be a possibility. This would be easier achieved if the black hole had a net charge and could be suspended in a chamber of some sort. I would imagine such a thing would be an amazing feat of science and manpower and would be a huge step for mankind.
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    I can't find the source but I've seen text that states that there is an almost constant influx of highly blue-shifted light, CMB and dark matter falling into a cosmic black hole. To what degree this counter-acts the Hawking radiation I'm not sure but considering how long it takes for a black hole to evaporate through the Hawking process and the energy in radiation such as gamma and x-rays, if anything the black hole might grow.
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    A black hole can be dynamically stable if it's current temperature is the same as the CMB. This requires it to gain mass over time.
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    A 228 metric ton blackhole would evaporate in 1 second from Hawking Radiation, so basically you would have to drop this much mass into to it every second to keep it viable, creating a continuous five million megaton blast.
    Somehow harnassing this would indeed be an amazing feat.
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