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Stable nuclide

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    Is it possible to combine two more stable nuclides to form unstable nuclides?
    like for example combine Xe and Sr and form U
    In fission it is like

    U + n -> Xe + Sr + n

    can we reverse this process? if one doesnt care about the cost effectiveness

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    Well if one looks at the production of superheavy elements, then yes, it is possible to combine two stable nuclides to form an unstable nucleus.

    Transuranics are produced as a by-product of neutron capture in fission reactors. A commerical reactor produces a fair amount of Pu, Am, Cm isotopes. Higher order isotopes have very short half-lives, so they tend not to accumulate.


    209Pb + 54Cr → 262Bh + 1n

    208Bi + 58Fe → 265Hs + 1n

    209Bi + 58Fe → 266Mt + 1n

    208Pb + 62Ni → 269Ds + 1n
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    Wow I didnt expect such a detailed feedback
    thank you so much!!
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