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I Stacked Dielectric/Electret

  1. May 25, 2016 #1

    Essentially, I would like to

    1) model a stack of 2 (or more) dielectrics or electrets such as to show the surface voltage as a result of a known applied AC or DC voltage and charge time.


    2) I`d also like to be able to model the charge accumulation at the material boundary interfaces in the stack over time, given material parameters such as k, resistivity, ect.

    For [1], I assume that either a series capacitance model (such as: http://www.phys.uri.edu/gerhard/PHY204/tsl129.pdf ) or a parallel resistor/capacitor model such as in the attached image is best. If anyone could explain which is best or why they`re both bad I`d appreciate it.

    For [2], I`m a bit at a loss and would appreciate if anyone could point me in the correct direction.


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