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Stacking height of plastic bottles crates

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    Dear all,

    I got a problem to justify the stacking height of bottles crates where locate at the public area.

    As you may see the attached photo and draft as reference. The pattern of stacks like 4x10, 4x9, 4x8....(horizontal placement) or 2x10, 2x9, 2x8... (vertical placement).

    In the public area, there are lots of directional impact forces and wind load which may make the bottles crates fallen down. If the external force applies to the crates, they will make someone getting hurt when walking on the street.

    Plastic crates with empty PET bottles
    Wind load (typhoon will not apply to this situation)

    The thing is that how many levels should be a safety condition in public area. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me by email)

    P.S. I got the additional draft and photo for reference (but files are over sizes putting on this post).

    Best regards,
    Chi (email: smallbee124@netvigator.com)
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    Please do not multiple-post!

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    There's no picture. Also, it's not possible to solve this problem without further information (e.g, mass, volume, surface area, etc.). In any case, it is a quite difficult fluid mechanics question which I think would be best solved numerically.
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