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Stage 0+1:

Was here from the introduction of windows 3.1 to windows 95-windows98

Stage 2:

My dad installed redhat linux 4.2 on the family computer (I still have the cds)

stage 3:

Was here from windows 98-me to windows 2k

stage 4:

window 2k broke the camel's back. got fed up with hardware problems and configuration.

stage 5:

Redhat 6.1, joined local linux user group

stage 6+7+8:

Still needed to dual boot into windows for high school work

stage 9:

College uses Unix. A lot less reliant on windows (except for games)
Developing Open Source Project with ACM chapter at my school

stage 10:

Not there yet, but awaiting the large check that comes with the stage...


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I got up to 2 then got disgusted, and went back to 0 where I have been perfectly happy ever since.
I don't know that I was ever at stage 0, but I was definately at stage 1. Never had to pass through stage 2, because all my uni and linux experience comes from the university mathematics labs, so it was already installed. =]

I think we all go through atleast bits of stage 4 at some point in our lives, I know I have multiple times.

I'm proud to say that once I have a steady job I'll finally manage to reach stage 5. I don't know how much further I'll get though.

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