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Staggered rear springs

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    We are racing a 2550 LB asphalt modified. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having the left rear spring in front of the rear end and the right rear spring behind the rear end? We also have a decel/acel push/pull bar on the center of the rear end. Approximately 600 lbs of torque from the engine.

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    Ranger Mike

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    welcome....nice to meet a fellow racer..short answer is spring mount location can help a little bit on spring wrap under acceleration..torque link is to dial in hook up under acceleration as well..long answer is both questions are addresses in above post

    Race car suspension Class
    by Ranger Mike

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    Thanks I have read the posts and the big problem we have seems to be traction off the turns. The third link is supposed to increase bite off but they have tried it with staggered springs. Here is the info.
    We have the accel set at 14 degrees down and the decel at 5 degrees up I think. I will have to double check the angles.

    Thanks for the info above!
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    Ranger Mike

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    Pls post on race car suspension class so we can use as teaching point
    Pls include type car type of track
    Track size , banking
    See you there
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    ok I will post tonight

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