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Stainless Steel Thickness

  1. Mar 4, 2010 #1

    I'm constructing a waste water tank of 304 stainless steel plate and i'm not sure what thickness the material should be, the tank is approximately 2750mm x 1500mm x 1750mm

    What would the ideal thickness be for the 304 stainless plate and would there be any specific areas I should focus on adding bracing for strength?

    ANY help that can be offered is welcome
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    Do you really mean plate or so you mean sheet, which is likely to be thinner?
    For example standard sink units are made from 1.2 mm 304 steel. Stainless tanks are often made from corrugate sheet 1 - 2mm thick. The forming adds stiffness to such thin sheet.
    Depending upon your base bearers or floor you might need a thicker bottom.

    Galvanised tanks are usually of thicker material.

    There are plenty of manufacturers showing their ideas on the net here is a good example.

    http://www.mc-integ.com/lists_view.cfm?ID=18 [Broken]
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    My mistake, it is indeed sheet, the design is supported by legs and my concern is that the pressure of the waste material is going to bare down on the floor etc too heavily and cause a puncture, my background is in design engineering so i'm not really sure where the ideal areas for bracing are, i've no real experience in waste water as my experience in working with stainless steel was purely for decorative purposes

    The tank is pretty much a square so im not really sure where to start, any ideas?

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