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Stair Walker

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    I climb 300 stairs to my office every morning - can anyone tell me if i weight 280 pounds how many calories i will burn off (approximately)


    Tired in Liverpool
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    How high is each stair?
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    12 inches i'd say
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    Andy Resnick

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    I think you will be dissapointed.

    I get 300 stairs = 225 vertical feet. The energy required to raise 280 pounds 225 feet is mgh = 280*225 (pounds = mg) =63000 lb*ft = 634 calories = 0.6 kcal (dietary calories). Say your body is 80% efficient, then you expend 0.75 kcal of food intake.

    I'm suspicious of my answer- my calculator treats lb as a unit of mass (kg), so if I surreptiously add a factor of 32 to mgh, I get 20/25 kcal, which seems reasonable.

    Bleah- it's too early in the morning to try and deal with pounds vs. kilograms.....
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    lift for me tomorrow!
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