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Stamp collecting and science

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    I am sure you know about the Ernest Rutherford quote "All science is either physics or stamp collecting", which was mentioned in a response to one of my other threads over at the physics forum. I would like to know what biologists think about this; what future developments will bring biology closer to being a "real science", by Rutherford's standards?
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    What law of physics was Rutherford thinking about that would explain the well known at his time (early 1900s) Darwin biological theory of natural selection--a macroscopic interaction of a complex nature among numerous individual entities within and between species ? Logic is defined as the "science of reasoning"--does not sound like stamp collecting to me. In retrospect and being kind to scientists such as Rutherford, we can consider such comments as derived from ignorance, and ignorance, as a state of mind, is error produced by false inference.
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