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Stand-alone latex program?

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    Does anyone know if theres a stand-alone program that generates LaTex code? I'd love to use latex but i hate the codeing...
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    What is the net gain? Maple can output latex but you still have to code for maple so I don't really see how there is any net gain being made by using maple to code in latex.
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    Try LyX.

    *scratches head* Pengwuino never even mentioned Maple...
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    I use TeXnicCenter, which is really more of a TeX editor. But it does provide function buttons that will provide you with most all the regular TeX/LaTeX things you might need. Of course you still have to know how to use them, but it save a lot of time digging through references to remember what you want to do.
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    Texniccenter is pretty good. makes it very easy if you are managing a large number of files (chapters in a thesis etc). Also, supports the use of bibtex for making bibliographies etc.

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    can you output latex from mathematica?
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    Yes....I don't know exactly how though. I tried it once with Mathematica 4.0 but it didn't work right....I needed a package I couldn't find to make it work right.
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    Oh man if i could output from mathematica, id be a god
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    Someone around PF was exporting mathematica output as Latex and used that to make really nice latex graphics of graphs and what not. Someone should be able to help you figure out how to do that.
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    I just checked and there is an option to output tex from mathematica. I tried it and I got some .eps files that I could open with photoshop, they have all the graphs and stuff, but they aren't that high of resolution, theres prolly an option in mathematica for that. They do have 100% transparancy where the pixels of the graph aren't, so it's easy to put the graph on any background you want... I just got mik tex installed and I'll try to see if i can find a way to use it with mathematica. BTW I'm using mathematica 5.

    To use Mik Tex, you might need a tex editor such as:
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