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Standard cubic meter per minute

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    gas flow rate has units of "sccm" that standard cubic centimeter per minute. what does "standard" means here? how is derived? if there is gas flow of 1 sccm then how much gas flows in cubic meters?
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    Im not sure but I think "standard" refers to "average" amount of gas per minute here.

    1 cubic cm = 1/1000000 cubic meters = 0,000001 cubic meters
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    say Al is evaporated in a vacuum chamber to form a thin film of AlN, say flow rate of N2 is 5sccm and deposition rate is 1 angstrom/s. then in 10minutes how thick film of AlN is formed? does in this case we need to consider voltage and current values (used to evaporate Al) also in order to estimate film thickness?
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    The term "standard" refers to standard conditions, usually 68 F and 14.7 psia (in the US). You'll find however, that different industries take liberties in defining standard conditions. I believe there are European industries that define standard conditions as 0 C (not sure the pressure they use). You should ask whoever gave you the values to define standard conditions for you if you need something any more accurate than that.
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    ... and the shape of the plasma, and the shape and size of the chamber, and possibly many other things. Have fun.
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    Yeah when I read the assignment I was like there so many elements missing too.
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    It's a jungle of standards really. To have any idea, see if the conditions are stated elsewhere in the publication or hand, or make your best guess from the wiki article.
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