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Standard deviation.

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    i would post this in the chem section but more people view this one..

    im having a quiz on standard deviation in chemistry lab onf riday, and im not sure AT ALL how to do this. i tried asking the teacher but hes not to good at explaining. and i tried lookinga t the difficult to understand book on this.
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    Do you not know the formula or do you know the formula but not know how to use it? If the latter, what part specifically are you having trouble with?
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    nope i dont know ANYTHING. i ssaw the formula in class but was still confused b ut i dont even know the formula now i lost the note for it.
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    This will get you started. This is the definition of the mean-squared deviation for n measurements:
    The rms (or root mean squared) deviation is the square root of this.
    Bob S.
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    thanks for the link bob!!
    but it was really easy, i asked my lab teacher today i cant believe i thought it was hard.

    now if only i could do the gas stoichiometry in ideal gas equations....
    i have been dealing with stoichiometry the entire semester, yet, i always forget things that ci ysed to know. for instance this is a 15 week semester, we are in week 14. i have been getting the highest grades on all the exams(its a gen chem 1 class) anyway, my teacher will be like, this unit will be easy for you, its just like limiting reagnt problems, and ill be like, oh i forgot how to do those (event hough we did them 2 weeks ago)
    i8 had a quiz today and i forgot how to use molarity even..

    when i get the quiz back ill probably post the question on here. does anybody have a good site to look at gas stoichiometry explanations? has anybody ever heard of students forgetting the materials so quickly.
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    We do have a chemistry forum here. (hint, hint :smile:)
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    if i have any more questions ill post them there ;). any opinions on te paragraph i just quoted in your experience?s
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