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Standard Model - strange feeling

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    Does anyone share the same strange feeling I have about the Standard Model? The feeling that it had almost failed…

    So, let me present you Standard Model: 3 generations, 2 types of particles (quarks and leptons), dividing into 2 subtypes (upper/lower, lepton/neutrino), giving 12 fermions, or even 24 if we add anti-particles, plus bosons! Good work! I’ll create all sorts of different types of matter using these particles!

    Oh, wait. You say, medium and heavy generations are not stable. Ok, so we have at least 8 fermions and endless combinations! Right? Wrong. At first, only particles will survive, so we have only 4 particles of the light generation. Then neutrino plays almost no role in matter (it plays an important role in how heave elements are created, but not how they constructed)

    So we end with u,d quarks and electron. Fortunately, color interaction is very strong. So we will be able to create many systems from these quarks… Ooops, no 2-quark systems are stable! Whats about 4,5,6-quark systems? Nothing!

    Last hope, 3-quark systems… only 1 is stable… Total failure… Then it appears that it is not so bad, neutrons are almost stable, and they are stable in nuclei, so we have the variety of atoms to create matter which can be used to create biological organisms, but it in very beginning it looks very bad.
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    You seem to be describing a process of self-organised development driven by the principles of thermodynamic equilibrium. It is very natural that an initial high symmetry would decay to its most broken possible mode.

    The surprise is that there is any stable matter left. The universe was thwarted in its attempts to become a pure radiation heat sink. Instead it has protons and electrons and neutrinos, little pesky kinks in its spacetime.

    Symmetries decay if they can. Important fact of nature.
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