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Standard orgo

  1. Jan 8, 2008 #1
    I'm trying to solve some organic chem reactions out of a new text book with an answer key that's confusing me. All three rxns involve anti-markovnikov addition of HBr to an alkene using a peroxide. A peroxide radical generates a bromine radical, the electrophile which then adds to the least subsituted carbon. I would think that these rxns would be non-sterospecific, thus generating a maximum of four different products. Here are the reactions and what I think the answers should be.

    I don't care about exact answers I'm just want to confirm stereochemistry:

    1) 2-methylpropene +HBr + peroxide--->a racemic mix of two products, right?

    2) 1-methylcyclopropene+HBr+peroxide---> 2 different racemic mixtures, four total different products

    3) 1-phenylpropene + HBr +peroxide---->again, a racemic mixture of two product

    My book is ambiguous in it's description of stereochem for the products, perhaps because it's an advanced text which just assumes this stuff is obvious.
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    edit: OOPS! My bad...
    I don't get 4 products for 2). Do you postulate that the double bond migrates?
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