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Standardized tests

  1. Aug 13, 2006 #1
    Does anyone know any trick on how to do well on a standarlized tests?

    I don't understand why some smart people do so horrible on standarlized tests, yet some average ppl can do very well.

    Any ideas?

    What is the secret to do well on a standarlized test?
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    Just relax and try to focus solely on the test (while taking it). Being smart in no way prohibits you from doing well on a standardized test.
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    Can't have been terribly smart if they couldn't figure out how to crack a standardized test - or maybe they just didn't care to.
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    Get the syllabus and make sure you know everything on it.
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    just take your time and read things carefully. I do horrible on standardized tests becuase i have STDs (standardized testing deficiencies). On the SAT i only scored a 590 in math, but graduated with a math degree and had a 4.0 gpa in math. standardized tests test your test taking ability, not your intelligence. just take practice tests.
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    Cheating. Duh, same secret for how people do well in life.
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    HA HA HA :rofl:
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    Maybe you should just skip the initials and spell it out in the first place.

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