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Standards on wheel rim sizes?

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    I am designing a BLDC hub motor for an electric buggy/light vehicle.
    The wheels are sized as 13" (total outer diameter), 3" wide.
    A standard 8" wheel rim should fit in well, width of the rim would be 2.10".
    Are there any standards for rims dimensions: The contact area between rim and tire, no. and PCD of bolts, etc

    By studying some rims online I was able to conclude that four 11 mm bolts at a P.C.D. of 100 mm or about 4 " is common. But is the standard? I can always check them for strength/load bearing capacity but surely there must be some standard guiding the process.
    Also the hub of the wheel rim should be exactly in the centre of wheel, or can there be offsets allowed
    (http://www.discounttire.com/dtcs/infoWheelOffsets.do [Broken])
    The above link says offsets are possible. Just going through certain wheels of Audi, Benz etc shows most cars have offsets.
    I would like to have a positive offset based on the above link to hide the motor. How much offset can I have?

    I have standards for how a wheel should be test. There must be some other standards for wheel rim sizing, shape of the rim in which a tire would fit etc. I just can't find them online.
    It'll be great if someone can point me in the right direction. Or a CAD model of 8" by 2.10" wheel rim will also be helpful (fits a 3.00 x 8 size tire).

    Thanks in advance
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    Thank you so much
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    Standard rim sizes incorporate 5.5 inches for P195/75R15 tires, 6 inches for P215/75R15 tires, 6.5 inches for P235/75R15 tires, 7 inches for P225/50R15 tires and 7.5 inches for P225/45R17 tires. The measuring rim width of a tire increments by .5-creep augments in extent to increments in the tire segment width.

    The measuring rim width of a tire, additionally called the plan rim width, decides the width of the tire. The outline rim width is a global standard of measure that all tire makers use to guarantee that the tires they deliver have similar measurements in respect to their physical sizes. Bigger tires ordinarily have more extensive wheel widths, while littler tires have contract wheel widths.
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