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I Standing wave

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    Hi everyone!
    As we all know standing wave of 2 fixed ends formed by the combination of coming wave and reflection wave. But I wonder why there still have a reflection wave combinating with coming wave to form standing wave of 2 free ends?
    Many thanks.
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    the standing waves are formed in open end organ pipes -open at both ends -in whistling through an open pipe one must have felt a difference in intensity of the sound produced.
    when sound waves(composed of region of compression) travel and reach the open end
    it must be pushing in the air outside like a sudden 'push of energy/and displacement of the air molecules'
    and for a very short time interval a 'low pressure region may have formed at the open end and
    neighboring air will push to fill up this void-
    and in this process a compression can be formed at the end which can travel back as reflected wave and can give rise to standing wave..
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    Thanks for your answer.
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