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Standing waves in an atom?

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    my question is that why electrons revolve in a covalent bonded atom where the force of attraction of the other atom to which electron is shared when put forces of attraction on it.it means that they then should stuck at single point rather than revolving in the atom,my another question related to this fact is that why they then make a van Der walls bond through dispersion forces as electrons will not move i the atom? explain this whole misconception.
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums, Harjot!

    Bound electrons do not revolve around a nucleus. That is an outdated atomic model. In the quantum model, there is a probability an electron will be found at a particular spot. The various spots it can possibly be found at together form an orbital.
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    but i am still in misconception ,relating to standing waves in atom?plzzz explain everything about it
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