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Homework Help: Standing waves

  1. Apr 21, 2008 #1
    Question: On a piano, middle C's 260 Hz. What mass is needed then to suspend from a hanger for resonance at 260 Hz for your string (in the absence of a tuning fork)? Is this sensible?

    mstring = 0.0003 kg
    Lstring = 1.809 m (entire length of string)
    L = 1.370 m (length between fixed points)

    f = (n/2L)*sqrt((mhanger*g)/(mstring/Lstring)

    I'm unsure what n to use. In the given experiment we used a tuning fork and changed the mass at the end of the hanger to vary tension and n (harmonic). But how does the absence of a tuning fork affect this??? Will there be only one possible harmonic to produce resonance or what?
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