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Homework Help: Standing waves

  1. Oct 21, 2009 #1
    2.2 Suppose you have a string 8 meters long. Briefly explain why it will be possible to set up standing waves
    with λ= 2 meters but NOT with λ= 3 meters.
    2.3 Suppose standing waves of wavelength λ= 3 meters are established in a rope 6 meters long.
    i. What mode number is this?
    ii. Not counting the ends, how many nodes will the standing wave have?
    iii. What will be the distance, in meters, between adjacent nodes?
    2.3 How long will the wavelength be in the 3rd vibratory mode of a standing wave in string 12 cm long?
    2.4 What will be the distance between adjacent nodes in antinodes in the 2nd vibratory mode of a standing
    wave in a string 5 cm long?
    2.5 Suppose the wavelength of the lowest mode in a standing wave pattern is 2 cm. How long must the string
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