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Star Atlas

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Not forcing a topic just to be the first to post a review of an astronomy book or anything, I just thought perhaps some of you may be interested in one of the most helpful star atlases i have used, to-date.

It is The Great Atlas of the STARS by Serge Brunier, photographs by Akira Fujii.

It is a large, spiral binded, book that gives you information on the constellations, along with a real photograph of them.

The information provided on the constellations includes: Name, Best season to observe, history and characteristics, advice on observation, and along with a whole page photograph of the constellation, is a standard diagram of the constellation (complete with standard information).

The book itself is about 14.23 x 11.16, which makes for large pictures of the constellation, on top of each picture is a transparency sheet that allows you to move ontop the picture to get the diagram of the constellation.

This atlas, by no means, should be your primary star atlas, due to the lack of stars included in the diagram's, but it is invaluable to those who are unfamiliar with the constellation and want to know exactly what they are looking for.

SPECIAL NOTE: Mine came defective with two transparency sheets for Gemini!

I got this atlas as a gift for Christmas, and have since used it on every outing, under the stars [with binoculars], and I love it.

http://www.fireflybooks.com/media/475/interior/1552096106.interior02.jpg[/PLAIN] [URL]http://www.fireflybooks.com/media/475/interior/1552096106.interior01.jpg[/PLAIN]

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