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Homework Help: Star connection problem

  1. Aug 17, 2009 #1

    Hello Friends
    I need little help plzzz :redface:

    How Can I solve this circuit? Which things first I have to find. And how.

    Problem Statement is.

    A. Average power of each phase load and total Load.
    B. Determine the reactive power of each phase and total reactive power
    C. Find the apparent power of each phase and total app.power
    D. And also find the Power Factor.

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    Welcome to the PF. The rules here are pretty clear on how homework help is provided. You must show us the relevant equations, and your attempt at the solutions, before we can offer tutorial help. We do not do your homework assignments for you.

    So please tell us what equations and approaches should be used, and show us a start on each of the problems listed.
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