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Star imaged through an iPad?

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    hmmm I wouldn't think an ipad could zoom in close enough to make out a star.
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    My daughter mentioned it to me, and took me out and pointed to the star that was the supposed target. It was Rigel. I have a first generation Ipad, which has no camera, so I could not attempt to duplicate the video. Maybe someone here can try it.

    Actually, it was not an Ipad, but an IPhone. Whatever.... I hope some others try it.
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    Taken with an iPad through a telescope...
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    To state the obvious, it is highly out-of-focus. That's why it's a disc, rather than a point. (And I'm going to guess that it's through a refractor-type scope (no vanes))
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    [edit] Wait a minute:
    iphone taking a picture of a "camera screen"? What kind of camera screen? Like the photo in my avatar? DSLR attached to the back of a telescope? Oy!
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