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Im doing a project for data management and i thought i could do a project on when stars where discovered when, where kinda thing. Ive looked all around and i cant find quiet what im looking for so i thought if i asked here some one would have a little somthing to help me out.


Stars that are naked-eye visible were pretty much discovered the first time someone looked up. And most stars that are not naked-eye visible do not have names. You may be able to find a catalog of a sky survey of the Milky-Way, though.


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There are several online resources that help you 'resolve' names of astronomical objects (e.g." [Broken] has a rich set of search tools, you'll find many such as SIMBAD and NED).

Stars get names because they're in catalogues, so the OP's question pretty much becomes one of the history of catalogues (and their scope, of course!).
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