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Star threathens earth.

  1. Mar 4, 2008 #1

    Is this for real? I am somewhat sceptical of anything of a technical or scietific field that I read in the mass media.
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    Reading it through, it seems that the possibility of a real danger is highly speculative.
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    Highly speculative yes but don't you love how alarmist the tone & headline are.
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    Agreed. I used my good friend Google and found this.

    As for the actual article itself, it's definitely possible, NASA & CNN seem to think so.. but I think we have 500 million years or so to plan for it..
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    No GRB has been observed in any nearby galaxy, much less our own. I deem the probability very remote. If humanity persists for another 500 million years, I anticipate we will have long since acquired the ability to dodge such a bullet.
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