Star Wars - Hilarious Spoof!

In summary, the conversation revolved around the hilarity of a Star Wars spoof video, with one person unable to watch it due to low system memory and technical difficulties with their Mac computer. Another person suggested downloading the video, but the Mac user was unable to do so due to compatibility issues. This led to a discussion about the lack of proper codecs on Mac computers.
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The funniest spoof I have ever seen:

Star Wars: A Lost Hope
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Wow, now I don't need to see the actual movie. :rofl: That was hilarious--I especially like the poop-head sketch, which would cause major intergalactic war between many morons.
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"A boob?"... "You swing too hard!"

Classic. I'm not usually a fan of the spoofs, but that one had me laughing.
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Nuts! I got a 'low system memory' message and couldn't load the video.:grumpy: I figure it's better to wait until I can see it instead of just listening to it now. How much space does it take? I've got 95meg onboard and 150meg virtual.
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You can download the wmv. It's about 8.5 meg.
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FredGarvin said:
You can download the wmv. It's about 8.5 meg.
No I can't. :grumpy: It appears to be a Mac-unfriendly site. No memory message this time, but the player that came up is one that I've run into before and it never shows the video part of a clip. As for trying to save it, it says to right click. Unless there's some key/mouse combination that I don't know about, I can't do it with a 1-button mouse. :grumpy: :grumpy:
Thanks for the suggestion, though. :smile:
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Danger said:

hmm that appears to be your problem :biggrin:

you probably don't have the right codec installed since youre on a mac :frown:

1. What is "Star Wars - Hilarious Spoof!"?

"Star Wars - Hilarious Spoof!" is a comedic take on the popular sci-fi franchise, "Star Wars". It parodies and pokes fun at the characters, plot, and overall universe of the original films.

2. Who created "Star Wars - Hilarious Spoof!"?

The spoof was created by a team of writers and comedians, led by director Mel Brooks. The film was released in 1987 and has since become a cult classic.

3. Is "Star Wars - Hilarious Spoof!" considered canon?

No, the spoof is not considered to be part of the official "Star Wars" canon. It is purely a satirical take on the original films and is not recognized as part of the official storyline.

4. How does "Star Wars - Hilarious Spoof!" differ from the original films?

The spoof takes a much more comedic approach to the story and characters of "Star Wars". It often breaks the fourth wall and uses self-aware humor to poke fun at the tropes and cliches of the original films.

5. Can "Star Wars - Hilarious Spoof!" be enjoyed by non-"Star Wars" fans?

Yes, the spoof is designed to be entertaining for both fans and non-fans of the franchise. While some knowledge of the original films may enhance the viewing experience, the comedy and satire can be appreciated by anyone.

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